Battle Plan | Why Battle Plan
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Why Battle Plan

We see a gap in the industry, and a growing need for church security and safety to evolve into a more professional and accessible commodity.  We are professionals in the private sector that have spent a lifetime in churches and ministry.  This combination created a unique company…Battle Plan!  With an ever-expanding product offering, Battle Plan is more than one-dimensional consulting firm…we are a brand.  If we are not already a part of your church experience…we hope we can join you soon.  We strive to make everything as affordable as possible…if not free, and much of what you find in our resource page, is information that other companies either charge for or require membership to access.  There are countless church security “experts,” and while some are well trained and experienced…many are neither experts nor qualified.  At Battle Plan, we are passionate about giving you the tools, resources, and knowledge to make educated and wise decisions as you develop your own security and safety programs.


We look forward to helping you safeguard what matters most.  See you soon!