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Battle Plan was founded by Joey Clements, who was raised in Foreign Missions and is a second-generation pastor’s son who has served on staff at churches in various capacities.  He has over 20 years combined experience in leadership, executive level management, and consulting, both in the United States and abroad.  In addition to serving in the Marine Corps, Joey, is a Master Texas Peace Officer and an internationally certified expert in security and safety consulting with multiple certifications and instructorships in a variety of disciplines (click his name above for full list.)


It was through this dual exposure and lifetime of experience that sparked the idea of providing TRUE professional grade resources, services, and products that would allow churches the freedom to develop, improve, and implement their own unique safety, security, and business plans.  Also, we are excited to offer one of the largest free resource libraries to churches and their families.  At Battle Plan, our team of experts have decades of combined real world experience and knowledge, and we believe that if we can change your perspective, not only can we change your life…we might even save it.  It is our pleasure to serve church families across the nation, and if you are not yet a part of our Battle Plan family…we hope to welcome you soon!!



The company’s name, BATTLE PLAN comes from the idea that we are always looking for a better way or plan to protect what matters most to us…faith, family, and way of life.  The word “war” is all around us these days, and while it is often abused, it is a very descriptive word for which there is no real equal…which is why we use it in our logo.  Within each war is a series of battles that make up or define the war…hence, ONE WAR | MANY BATTLES.  Over the years our name has come to stand for innovation, integrity, and results.



Similar in many ways, these two compliment each other by representing two side of the same coin.  Safety is what we would consider your organization’s procedural system or plan that provides an overall safe environment.  Security safeguards against unforeseen complications or intrusions to your safety program whether natural (i.e., storm, flood, hurricane), Human (fraud, theft, terroristic), and/or Systemic (no program or process, lack of awareness, etc.).  Especially in a church environment, it is vital to have balance between the two…the better the design the quieter it will run.  It is this near invisible, confident, yet strong system that we seek to teach churches to provide for their families.



Battle Plan recognizes that when most churches speak of security they imagine weapons and sentry style components, but we believe in a much more developed and holistic approach to safeguarding congregations.  We believe that we must have a comprehensive approach to both safety and security in order to provide an actual system that works.  We provide tools that allow churches to build a safety and security program while educating them on what they need and the steps to get there.  No two churches are exactly the same or have the same demographic, membership, or needs.  We prepare for the day-to-day possibilities like heart attack from an elderly member or a fraudulent benevolence request, before assuming that all problems can be solved with physical security.  At Battle Plan, we recognize, that while an active shooter or mass casualty event is unfortunately a growing concern in this country, there should be an overall plan built on a strong foundation of security and safety principles and resources that work.  Too many companies and churches are focused on what I call the “007” side of protection.  Across the country, there are selfless individuals that stand ready to protect their church families.  All mean well, some are qualified, but unfortunately, we find a great majority of these groups, companies, and consultants that claim to be experts…are far from what they claim.  Whether or not you use our information, products, or services…seek out professionals.  Everyone wants to be the guy that single handedly saves the people through superior fire power, wit, and unyielding courage…but often in the real world the hero is the one that paid attention when they were being taught CPR and can perform a proper Heimlich maneuver on a choking child.  We are committed to providing you the tools to solve both your common and uncommon problems.



After years of working with churches, Battle Plan has found that many, although acting in good faith, were actually in violation of local and state laws by either the people they were using, the program or process they were employing, or the advise they had been given.  Many churches operate under the illusion that guns will solve all of their problems.  Battle Plan is pro-second amendment, and would never discourage the right to bear arms, but exercising that right and assuming you are ready to take a hostage shot at 15 yards…are two different things.  We have not only trained with the best, but we have trained military, law enforcement professionals, and civilians for years.  Without a vetting process, dedicated training program, and precise records, you are ill prepared to take that shot…not to mention the safety of everyone in the vicinity, and the liability and risk exposure you could bring upon your church.  Move forward in good faith….but don’t do it blindly!



Battle Plan develops products for real churches in real time.  If it is not going to provide a solution to a real problem, then we vet it from our family of products.  The only solutions that make it to our clients are well defined, designed, and developed to solve specific needs in the most efficient way.



Unnecessary complexity and expensive solutions are the hallmarks of mediocre design.  Although Battle Plan products come with clear, concise instructions…our aim is to design products so self-explanatory that instructions become unnecessary.



On the trading floor of ideas, innovation is survival.  We are about changing your perspective, and with that change providing solutions and resources that not only meet your needs…but exceed them.  We go beyond the expected!



There is something to be said for great ideas, however, ideas are nothing more than dreams until they materialize into a product that is accessible and useful to you…the user.  Battle Plan is becoming known for innovative solutions to everyday problems found within the church, and we are proud of our tools…not only because they are innovative, but because we have finally turned ideas and dreams into a reality!



Churches who come to Battle Plan have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding every new product, resource, or conference we release.  As such, we hold every product, program, conference, or solution that we release to the highest standard of quality and integrity.