Battle Plan | Conflict Resolution
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Conflict Resolution


We have been in the business of resolving problems and conflicts since the early 90’s, and have been successful in a variety of environments.   We strive to provide unconventional services to churches, so that solutions can be found quickly enough to mitigate long term, irreparable damage.  We believe the most important key in resolving conflict within the church is recognizing it’s unique dynamic, and family like structure.  Resolving Conflict within a family is often best achieved by bringing in outside intervention that can bring stability and impartiality to an otherwise painful and potentially volatile situation.  We hope that you never need our help in this area, but if it becomes needed, know that we undertake this task with a very heavy heart.  Our presence in this situation symbolizes a very real breakdown between member, staff, or both.  Our mission will be to infuse biblical solutions back into the situation.