Discreet Investigation - Battle Plan LLC
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Discreet Investigation

Discreet Investigations

In a perfect world this service would not exist, but, unfortunately, our investigation services was developed based on demand and need.  Churches encounter a variety of attacks.  While problems might be expected from those outside the church, it is even more devastating when the infraction originates with a member or a once trusted pastor or leader.  We provide services that protect the church from within or without.  Whether it is a matter of church discipline or state intervention in the event of a crime, Battle Plan is efficient in reducing liability and risk by providing discreet investigative services that will bring peace of mind and protection in an already potentially damaging situation.  As in our Dispute Resolution services we hope that you never need our help in regard to investigation, but if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires a company that has the Church’s best interest at heart…we hope that you will trust Battle Plan with your investigative needs.